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Three times as hard

After reading every single challenge box, I picked challenge 13: Three in One.


So here I am on a Saturday sketching and thinking and stumbling but enjoying myself.  The first problem with this project wasn’t the creative aspect but the examples given in the book.  After reading a challenge I would look at the example and find that the example is either something I would have thought of eventually (like challenge 48, 53, or 57) or now anything I come up with looks like I just copied the example.


I was tasked with designing three print ads of an object I use daily and showing it in three different ways: positive, negative, and metaphorical.  Again, the example messed with me.  Dang it! I really would have been able to come up with those USB ads.  In addition, I found myself comparing my ads with those of the example.  DAMN, the examples are good and I can’t help but try to reproduce the style in my own ad somehow.

I sat down with my laptop, blank sheets of paper, a pen, a sharpie, and water.  Turned on Netflix and watched a new Netflix series: 13 reasons why.  (Really liked the show, recommend it if interested in deep shows that talk about not so comfortable topics)

13 Reasons Why

Back on topic

After some major brain storming I chose my wrist watch because I always wear it.  The easiest ad was by far the metaphorical one, I knew I wanted the ad to show a clock with numbers falling off the clock face – to represent how every second is important or how 24 hours in a day isn’t enough.  I went about sketching a clock face with the numbers 1-24 to represent the hours in a day, and then hours overflowing onto a pile on the ground.  Added some text and I was ready create a digital ad. I made the choice to digitally reproduce my idea because it was the only way I knew how to create my idea from paper to computer.


My first step was to find the right font type.  I wanted it to be similar to the way I wrote the text because I felt it would be more eye grabbing.  I went through all the fonts and picked four fonts that I thought were close to my sketch and found that Mistral was very close to how I sketched it.

20170401_114036 Finished up with creating a simple clock face and numbers spilling off the clock face.  Metaphorical ad done and done.  Only 45 minutes in and still needed to complete two other ads.

LUNCH BREAK be back in 20

And I was.

After my quick lunch break I had to figure out how represent a watch in a negative and positive way.  The book said you could give a glowing review for the positive and use another company for the negative.  It turns out the hardest part of this project was coming up with a positive and negative ad.   Negative I just ended up using my watch as a “crappy” style of watch compared to a fancier watch that was going on sale.

First thing I thought of for the positive, “what was the benefits of a watch versus a phone”.  Let’s face it why even have a watch when your phone can tell time and so much more.  This calls for a pros and cons list of watch vs phone! Yay

Watch Phone
longer battery


Cheaper (usually)

I like them


Games/Social Media


I need it …my whole life (sorta)

The list was mostly to devise a positive ad for the watch.  A phone can give you the time all while playing angry birds or candy crush.  That’s the point!  You go to check the time and then get distracted by checking social media, playing video games, or texting people.  3 hours later, you realize that you just spent too much time on your phone and not your homework because you went to check the time.  Here is where a wrist watch would prevent all that wasted time from being wasted.

So yeah, that was my whole process, sorry this was so long but I’m proud of my work.

This was really fun! But it was hard to come up with three different designs for the same product, it also didn’t help that my Photoshop skills are pretty much level 0 so I was pretty much left with using straight pictures.  Even with its difficulties, I learned that looking at an object and coming up with three different views can be challenge.   That how you spin something changes how you approach the task, similar to how you use rhetoric can change how the discussion goes.



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