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Topsight Activity Systems Worksheets

A reminder that you are reading chapters 19 and 20 for class on Monday.

Spinuzzi has made PDF versions of the worksheets available on his website . Using these worksheets may be helpful.

You can also adapt this very bare bones (but editable) version of the activity-system-diagram.

These chapters show how to think through the Macro view of and organization by looking at culture, history and long term goals. Some of this information may come from your interviews, and, if you’re involved in an organization, your experience, artifacts and maybe observations. You may also need to incorporate some secondary research, looking at company websites, press releases, or research about the industries your companies or organizations are engaged in.

Activity systems are analytical tools. They are expected to help you think through the data you are acquiring about a company or a problem. The goal is to identify the parts of a system and consider the relationships between those parts– both in terms of the connections and the contradictions or difficulties.

As you are working on your research proposals, you should be thinking about how you will incorporate the activity system analysis into your research. Think about what questions it can help you answer.




I am a PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition and Purdue University. I currently teach first year composition. My research interests include threshold concepts in composition, invention strategies, service-learning, community engagement, and professional and technical writing.

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