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Topsight Discussion 2.0

Hey guys, it’s me again.

While reading through the second half of Topsight I was thinking about some of the things that came up in the discussion last time. Mostly focusing on ethics and the ways that researchers can influence their findings.

In chapter 22, “Describing Systematic Issues”,  breaks down the differences between claims, reasons, and evidence. And while reading through this section it seemed pretty self explanatory, or something that shouldn’t need explaining, I thought again about how sometimes people believe things regardless of the reasons or evidence- or lack of. His chart with the Claim->Reason->Evidence looks simple, but I think it is very important to make sure that one has actual reasons and evidence for the claims they support and when discussing findings and their validity.

My questions on this are:

Can you think of any contexts where spelling out your reasoning and evidence is not important?

Is there anything that needs to be added to this model? Is it too simple?


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