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Topsight Discussion

Spinuzzi’s concept of “Topsight” is the idea of seeing “the big picture”. This allows one to efficiently identify larger problems that are trickling down into the smaller problems that one would see on a day-to-day basis in the organization. Spinuzzi notes that a doctor would identify the disease rather than simply treat the symptoms, and this is what one aims to do by gaining Topsight and applying it to their organization.

Spinuzzi gives us a guide on how to conduct research in the workplace/organization, noting things to look for a providing the possible perspectives of those we would be researching. A few things that stuck out to me personally were the connections to ethics, and the concept of Topsight itself.

My questions are:

How can you see the concept of Topsight as a tool to apply to your life/organizations you are involved in currently? How would it change from a workplace setting to a club or social setting?

Are there any industries that you feel this method would not be helpful? In what ways would it need to be changed? Could you see this being applied to your future field?


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