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We are all just a Bunch of Noodles

Reflection: What I did, and why

So, I did the Creative Workshop 50: Patience Grasshopper.  I did not think I was the type of person to enjoy people watching until I had a good experience doing it when I was assigned to while on Spring Break in Rome.  On my Study Abroad trip, near the end of the week, we were assigned to find a location around the city to sit by ourselves and passively watch what happens around us for 30 minutes.  I decided to do the book observation passively during my house’s dinner time that way I can just be with my house sisters (Devonshire Cooperative) while doing homework, since I am rarely at home to study.  The observation was supposed to be for an hour, I probably spent 30 minutes doing the observation and 30 making the card.  The observation was a lot of fun, since I was sitting next to my sisters, it was hard to remain a passive observer rather than joining the conversation.  It is a little funny to say but most conversations in our house can be separated into three categories “Boys, Sisters (or the house in general), and School.”  Obviously, this doesn’t encompass the fact that some conversations are very fruitful and serious, but playfully we gossip about these three things.  One of my house sisters, Lauren is from Wisconsin, she brings her own set of idioms and slang to the house.  She has gotten in the habit of calling some sisters, Noodles, as a term of affection.  I took this use of the term and incorporated it into my card design because noodles can show a variety of shapes and colors.  Just like we come from different majors, years at Purdue, and have different personalities.  I thought it would be fitting to draw my sisters like noodles for the card.  For the observation, I were supposed to create a greeting card while reflecting on the experience I had while people watching.  I didn’t have a blank card to design this on, so I used a 5”X7” note card, as my “postcard.”


I looked up photos of noodles so I can draw the most (noodle-looking) noodles.  That way my lasagna and angel hair can be identifiable.  While doing that, I started to draw other noodles on my draft sheet in case I wanted to add more ‘people’ to my drawing.


Overall this was once again a great experience that I would recommend others to try.  I think having the patience to sit somewhere and open our senses to our surroundings is very important.  It is good for your health because it involves sense that we just have going in the background and puts them to work, and it gets us off our phones.  I think this can be a very creative experience to be influenced by what is going on around me.

ENG 306 Draft Obs

ENG 306 Final Obs 2

ENG 306 Final Obs


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