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“I’m in over my head, but it sure feels nice”

I’ll be honest. I was dreading this project. Not because I don’t like the assignment, but because I’m the least creative person there is. Seriously. I can’t draw at all and I don’t know how to do any design. There was no way I could do this project, right?

I started looking through the book and just got anxiety. I had no idea what I wanted to do, and honestly, I didn’t understand what a lot of the prompts are asking (i.e. what the heck is an interface?) So I just turned on some records and tried to relax. There had to be one project that interested me. And then I found number 19. All about designing an LP cover. That was so up my alley. I was supposed to turn on the radio and design an LP cover for a greatest hits album for the first artist I heard. Well I don’t listen to the radio and after five years living here, I still don’t know a single radio station. So I chose to design a cover for Fleetwood Mac, who I happened to be listening to at the time.

Most of my research included looking at Fleetwood Mac’s previous albums to get a feel for what their style was. And it was all over the board. Some covers featured the band, or some just had artwork, and thIMG_1946en there’s Tusk, which is literally just a barking dog. So I felt confident that I had a good amount of freedom. Then i had to do the thing I hate most. Draw. Oh gosh. At this point my roommate’s cat decided to steal my pencil, so I just sorta let that happen. Once I got that back, I sketched something quick even though it wasn’t required. It was my way of deciding if I can actually do this. I also needed to include elements from some of their songs with which I am very familiar. So I chose Landslide, Gypsy, Songbird, and Gold Dust Woman. I also had to include a photograph so naturally I chose a picture of the gypsy queen herself, Stevie Nicks. I chose to draw a nature scene, the “snow covered hills”. Plus, nature scenes are fairly easy. Then from there it flowed.

I was looking at the sketch and thought. “how cool would this look in water color?”  So I took a trip to Meijer to get watercolors and gold glitter. I chose to do this on cardboard so I used the cover of a shoebox which was pretty close to the size of an actual LP sleeve. Then I started tracing and then painting. I was so much easier than I thought it would be. And I actually enjoyed myself. To the point where I would consider doing this again or even in my free time.

So I went into this whole thing thinking it was going to be some terrible disaster and it actually wasn’t bad at all. I may have even found a new hobby! But it was really cool that I got to incorporate something I love into an English project. Who knew?


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