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I Have No Creative Title to Offer

For this project I chose No. 23, “Book Report”

The challenge’s description is to call a friend and ask for a book recommendation. After receiving the title and a short summary, the goal is to create a cover for this book you’ve never read. So I called up one of my friends who is into obscure things and asked her what she’s currently reading. The book, Hyperspace, according to Alex is, “About parallel universes or something I dunno the guy is like a scientist or something”.

So initially I was thinking of things that I could do with this, but having no knowledge of any characters there wasn’t any kind of real subject that I felt should be featured on the cover, so I decided I would try and create something abstract with a spacey vibe, which is about what I imagine reading the actual book would feel like- minus any of the confusing scientific jargon that I’m sure it contains.

My method, I decided, would to be use a leftover board I had and use a technique that involves a sort of water-coloring using crayola markers and salt. So I started with a blank boardhyperspace-2 and thought that I would try and go with a playing-card opposite kind of thing to give it a parallel kind of feel. I didn’t want the sides to be too different because everyone knows parallel universes are infinite and most of them only have small changes, like our universe but if noodles were never invented.

After I gave it a wash, by adding water and trying to convince the ink to go where I wanted it, I added salt to create small “blooms” in the ink, which I hoped would look like baby galaxies. This resulted in a rather cloudy mess.hyperspace-3

Once the water dried it started to look more like I had imagined, thank god, and I thought about outlining some of the blooms but the challenge had a time limit of 60 minutes and I knew if I started I would never stop. Once everything was dried I added my title, which I felt should be kept simple and straightforward considering the scientific-ness of the book.

Final product:


My thoughts after this were mostly “Man book covers are stupid hard”. I never really thought about how hard it would be to create a single image to sum up an entire plotline. I guess, realistically, I got lucky that Alex was reading something like this, because I really cannot draw people to save my life. But at the same time, her description was ridiculously vague and left me wondering what the cover artist for Harry Potter was thinking when they had to compile all of that together.


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