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Thursday Night Winery – Coby’s Creative Engagement Assignment

For my creative engagement assignment, I chose number 59. The assignment was to create a design for red wine packaging, that balanced taste, affordability, and visual wit. I was intended to only take 30 minutes, but that was a joke. Because, I went legitimately crazy.


So, I am obsessed with all things Shonda Rhimes. I love all her shows. ABC has blocked off Thursday nights as the night to air all her shows. In her shows, red wine plays a major role, just like in Rhimes’ life. So I decided to design a wine label after that. I decided to call it Thursday Night, gives it an elegant name, and is also draws upon the shows being aired on Thursdays. I also decided to use creative names for the different types of wine. So I named each type of wine after a major character in her shows; Meredith, from Grey’s Anatomy, for Merlot, Annelise, from How To Get Away With Murder, for Cabernet Sauvignon, and Olivia, from Scandal, for Shiraz.

Business-wise, this would be so wonderful to promote. It would be on every shelf, and promoted as the official beverage for show-watching. You could drink your Thursday Night wine, with your Thursday nigh binge viewing. It would be perfect. By making it a cheaper, more cost effective wine, we could really each the demographic of middle class moms, and young women, who make up most of the demographic for her shows. So if anyone knows Shonda Rhimes, tell her to hit me up if she is looking to expand her portfolio.

I designed this on It is a program I started using at my job, and is an easy-to-use, adobe-like software. I have used this in the past for my jobs and it makes great, professional looking designs for people who need help in graphic design (i.e. me). I think this tool really benefits professional writers who maybe find themselves needing to do some design work, with limited design knowledge or experience. It is mostly free (some design parts have cost, but there is plenty you can design without using costed elements. My work was designed completely using free elements). I was supposed to only use 30 minutes, and hand sketch. But I work better when dealing in actual software and making things how they actually look. I probably did only work a little bit over an hour on this. My design process started with my idea for it to be paired with ShondaLand shows, and then the name, Thursday Night. I was originally just going to call it that, and make a simply, elegant red-wine-inspired design, and then decided to change it up. I decided to go full into ShondaLand mode.

The book also said if I wanted to take it a step forward, I could design what the box wine labels would look like….. so naturally, I did.

Conducting this creative engagement assignment, I learned about everything that goes into marketing of products. Designing products boils down to how it will be sold. Every principle you use, from images to text, to lines, all have to help you sell your product. I also learned about designing for a bottle. Labels are rounded, not like anything most students would have designed. Most things we design are papers, or posters, that go on a flat surface. My designs needed to be conscientious of the fact that you cannot see all parts of the design at one time, which was an interesting challenge. I had to shorten my title because you couldn’t see all of it originally, because of the curve of a bottle.

Overall, I loved this assignment, and for serious, someone get Shonda Rhimes to hmu.


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