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The Tragic Sans Challenge

I decided to do my creative engagement project on the Tragic Sans challenge in Creative Workshop. The challenge is to create a compelling brochure cover for the Slow Food Movement. However, the catch is that you have to use at least 5 fonts in the cover. This project stuck out to me originally because I was confident I would be able to do it well and enjoy the time spent doing it. After looking at some of the examples I was sure that I would be able to make a very compelling argument to persuade an audience to join the Slow Food Movement. My experiences in studying rhetoric in both my English and Com classes have taught me the power of imagery and keywords to catch the eye of a reader. At the beginning of this project my confidence was high, however as the project progressed the estimated completion time of thirty minutes quickly turned into around an hour and a half of me messing around with margins, downloading fonts, and trying to find a text color that matched well with a snails shell. That’s when I realized that the requirement of having 5 different fonts on a cover page is not as easy as one might think. Different fonts could not stay the same color because it looked strange. After about three colors you begin to run out of shades to match the previous ones used, the images and backgrounds. Also, having to research the specific margins for professional brochures as well as how to create a customized template for those margins in Google Docs added no fun to the process. The project quickly became more difficult as the minutes ticked by and I became more and more invested with the growing difficulty.

I learned that every task you face has the ability to challenge you if you are willing to let it. Sometimes in life we take the easy road. We refuse to challenge ourselves and thus forfeit our opportunity to learn and grow from the experience. I would say that this project has become more than just a brochure cover to me, it is my ability to prove to myself that I can do something right. I have mentioned Marcus Aurelius before in this class in some of my previous assignments and I feel as though I am required to bring him up again. Marcus lived by a very strict code rooted in self discipline. He would constantly refuse to live a luxurious lifestyle even though he was very wealthy. This was one of the few examples from his life that helped him develop into the last great Emperor of the Roman Empire. Something he is know for living by is the idea that if there is a way to do something, there is a way to do it right, usually while undergoing farther difficulties. By following these ideas Marcus was able to develop his character and become a stronger leader. If we would allow ourselves to stop doing everything through shortcuts we too would be able to challenge ourselves and become better versions of ourselves by doing so.


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