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Nazis and Ethics Oh My!

We initially get to read the Germany memo in question before we dive into the writing of Katz.  The writing has been heavily edited to be de-humanizing.  From here Katz details the ethical dilemma of how they have removed the person completely from the situation by changing the noun’s that describe them, this is described as ‘group think.’ Katz goes on to describe the memo in relation to Aristotle’s thinking with how writing needs to come from an artistic, creative side, not a technical side. Next a new topic was introduced, deliberative rhetoric, this details and observes the human behavior and considers pathos and ethos as the drive for how people act.  Expediency is considered to take the life out of worth and goodness and becoming the main issue for a writing, that the end goal is the main objective, not the journey. It feels like Hitler twisted the words of Aristotle for his own gain in philosophical thinking.  It was very interesting to see the holocaust considered a process to push forward by means of technology ethos. Using technology to rationalize their goal, to promote the expediency they use in killing people.  It gets very dark near the end when Katz’s considered that expediency drives the United States, the parallels he draws brings up concern of whether our cultural lifestyle is well intentioned, or will be our downfall?

Do you think ethics can be a personal thing? Could the Nazi’s be ethically right based on their own beliefs?

I personally agree with the group think concept since technical research papers have less to do with personal voice and more to do polished technical writing, do you agree that technical writing can be too technical or too logical (257)? is this a bad thing?

At the start of this class we learned that rhetoric can be defined as logos, pathos, ethos, and kairos.  Do you think that the terms nomos, and topoi should be lumped in here?

How do you feel about the connection drawn at the of the article about the United States and Nazi Germany, do you think our use of expediency should be a concern?


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