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this project captured my passion for cereal

As part of my creative engagement, I selected prompt #25 Totally Cereal as my challenge. The task was basically to come up with a cereal that in some way had a unique dietary feature. I was tasked with describing the cereal, identifying a brand name, the audience, where it could be bought, and the box design itself. I used the pens below to write about and illustrate this project and listened to the #electroNOW spotify playlist during the creative process.

20170203_010736In completing this project I thought it was boring that I was restricted to creating a cereal that was unique solely because of a difference in some ingredient or protein or whatever, so I decided to nix that and simple make something different. The electro/EDM music I was listening to during this project kind of pushed me towards a modern approach on cereal, and I thought to myself…

What if cereal was grown in space that would be so cool????

And then I figured hey, why not run with it, who’s to stop me from doing so?

20170203_010645I started by writing out my thoughts on scratch paper with a wonderful blue felt tip pen. Within this I came to the conclusion that the wheat used for the cereal would be part of an experiment by a space program, and my cereal company would use this wheat in our product. I have not idea if there’s any significant benefit to growing wheat in space vs on earth, but I figured I could easily convince people that because the wheat is grown in space with no gravity it weighs less, and thus by eating this wheat you could also weigh less. People are gullible and so as business man I am 100% going to take advantage of that.

I then proceeded to brainstorm possible brand names because I can’t sell this product without a catchy name. As you can see in the image I really wanted some kind of space word to be in the title. I ended up liking two of them so much that one became the slogan and one the brand name. I thought I was really funny making the slogan a pun, but I also think the slogan would market well because it is a pun and people like puns.

I identified the audience as being either children, gullible individuals, space fanatics, or cool people that think both cereal and space are cool. Considering the price of growing this wheat and shipping it to earth, as well as the extraness of the process, the cereal would likely be sold in an upper middle class big box store or one of those vegan grocery stores with the weird foods.

The prompt had actually suggested I complete two different drafts of potential box art as well as to design each side of the box, but I was preoccupied with coloring and opted out of that.

20170203_010627In completing this process I began to realize all of the work that went into creating a cereal brand, and as I began to explain my assignment to others multiple questions began to arise regarding the possibility of such a cereal, the ethics of it, and potential health problems. I most certainly did not have answers to these questions, and had my brand been real it would not have made it to the markets.

I also discovered that it takes a lot of time to create a brand and dedicate the time to perfecting it. This project allocated a half hour to complete it, however, I utilized far more time than that and didn’t even complete the challenge. Imagine working on an actual marketing team for an actual cereal brand and attempting to create a product that could sell out in the market and sell well. My box art was drawn with felt-tip pens and isn’t even usable, and so I cringe at the thought of the time I would need to commit to this project to actually create something that can be proposed and marketed.

After completing this project I was curious if my use of colored pens impacted the outcome, and in browsing the internet for answers I came across an article written for the CKGSB Knowledge site by Major Tian. The document describes the work of Professor Juliet Zhu as she analyzes the impact of various variables in your environment, such as color, lighting, and sound, on the creative process. It was suggested that manipulating noise levels or dominant colors in your environment affect how you go through your creative process. For example, the results of research on color suggest that the color blue could further enhance the creative process, whereas the color red would decrease creativity. Though my question wasn’t entirely answered by this article, I do believe that it provides a number of interesting points regarding the elements that make up your environment and they can define your creative process.



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