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Rhetorical Ecologies: Teaching

As a (potential) future teacher I often think about the classes I am in, and what teaching that class may be like.

Now obviously teaching is a rhetorical situation, it’s a captive audience, but keeping the students engaged is really what makes it challenging. In the articles that we have read, rhetoric has been discussed in a few different ways. We’ve added the concept of ‘Kairos’, ‘exigencies’, and read further into how the rhetorical situation is ongoing in our lives. When we say that “Rhetoric is everywhere”, we really do mean everywhere. 

Some of the concepts discussed countered what we had been taught about rhetoric in the past. For example, Edbaur’s piece notes that the triangle model is “oversimplified”, and yet that is exactly what is being taught about rhetoric in public schools.

triangle  The Rhetorical Triangle

I do understand that the extent that we are discussing the topic may be extensive for a high school class, but at the same time I do feel almost lied to about the extent of the topic. Rhetoric is by no means as simple as the triangle model suggests, especially with the number of rhetorical situations that we find ourselves in on a day-to-day basis. It’s as if a Biology teacher explained evolution like, “Well so there were animals, and then they started mating depending on what physical traits they valued, and now animals look different”, nevermind the millions of years it’s gone on or how many species have come and gone between then and now. The articles we have been discussing for 306 have really made me think about rhetoric and how it is being taught, and how often we oversimplify things .




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