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Discussion Post: February 1st -Devyn Maugel

This reading covers Cushman’s reaction to Schon’s idea of problem setting. The beginning of this article sets the stage for the vignette that is described later. Cushman gives readers definitions for words like problem setting and artful integration in order that they are more equipped to analyze the vignette. Near the end of the the section detailing Schon’s theory, the author lists the two ways in which problem setting changes the way we think. First, Cushman says that problem setting helps people approach issues counter-professionally. Secondly, the author states that this method prevents users from simply regurgitating something they already think or feel.

This author’s text relates to professional writing in that one of the skills we learn is effective communication. With problem setting, one must identify issues within an ambiguous situation in order to frame what is going on and what needs to happen. In the future I hope to work in editing. If my boss came to me with an assignment to make a story “better”, I could use problem setting in order to complete the task. I would first look at what my boss wants and what issues he/she has presented me. Then, I would edit the story in order to discover what is wrong with it. By finding issues through working on the project, I would successfully be using Schon’s method.

My questions for readers are: What if the temporary problem doesn’t lead you to the problem that your “customer” is wanting you to solve? In the real world, how can professional writers observe a situation and reframe the situation? (330)


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