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Rhetorical Ecology in the Real World

Indies, Hipsters, and Weirdos Everywhere

Rhetorical ecology plays a huge role in our everyday lives. Rhetorical ecology often shapes how we feel about a certain place or certain company. I grew up in Washington State and lived in Los Angeles for the past six years. These two places house two of the most “artistic” and/or “hipster” populations possibly in the world. Check out this link for a list of the “hippest” U.S. cities:

Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles are three places I know well which use rhetorical ecology as a way to draw a certain type of person into their communities. Portland for example uses the “Keep Porland Weird” slogan, which we are now all very familiar with.



In Los Angeles there are certain neighborhoods which are known as “hipster” such as Los Feliz. The draw to encouraging this kind rhetorical ecology labeling is that you draw a specific audience to a specific area. This is a great marketing strategy as it gives “hipsters” and “weirdos” a map of where they need to go to get things that are specifically designed for them. Another example of this is a popular Los Feliz bookstore’s Twitter account description: “Indie Bookstore in Los Angeles. What a neighborhood bookstore should be. Tweets by several staffers.” To see their entire twitter page go here: Here they not only label themselves as “Indie” but also tell you that this is how a bookstore should be, therefore using rhetorical ecology to persuade it’s chosen audience.


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