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In similarity to the Keep Austin Weird phenomena, a rhetorical ecology a little more close to home would be the #KeepIndyIndie campaign. (It actually was inspired by the Keep Austin Weird campaign.)

Keep Indy Indie stands for Keep Indianapolis Independent. It was a campaign promoting the support of local, independent businesses and artists. It initially started a blog promoting local artists and businesses and moved slowly into a promotional marketing ploy. More local business have begun placing signs in their shop windows and even produced merchandise for the campaign.


The front design is inspire by the birds eye view of Monument Circle in Downtown Indianapolis, which also has served as the symbol for the official city. What was probably unexpected about this campaign was, as it promoted local businesses and artists, it also instilled and exemplified a great deal of pride for this medium-sized midwest city. Indianapolis’s art and theatre scene has grown, local businesses are thriving, and generally people are proud to call Indy home.

This campaign really took root in the Broad Ripple area. This area has always been a place for local businesses to flourishes and is home to many of Indianapolis’s artists. It has always been a bit of a millennial/hipster hot spot. However, over the last few years, more and more people have wanted to live amongst this culture and it has led way to a rise in luxury apartment buildings. This similarly mirror the gentrification of Harlem, as now cheaper areas of living are demolished to make way for high-rise apartments. The Keep Indy Indie campaign has done its best to preserve the culture of Broad Ripple, but it has not been any more successful than just slowing things down. Broad Ripple still has its rich culture but many are worried of how long it will last.

The Keep Indy Indie campaign has created this rhetorical ecology throughout all the artsy districts of Indianapolis. From Mass Ave, to Broad Ripple, to Fountain Square, pride and art are running abundant.






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