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Reading Discussion Assignment and Calendar

As we move further into the class, it’s important to me that your thoughts, questions, and interpretations of the text drive our discussion, so starting in week four, your reading discussion posts will replace mine as we prepare for class discussion.

What this assignment requires of discussion leaders:

  1. Plan and read ahead. Discussion posts will be due AT LEAST 24 hours before the class in which the discussion will take place. So plan accordingly, and think about this when you’re scheduling your discussion times.
  2. Make connections between what you’re reading and what you see happening in the world, what you’re interested in professionally, or what you understand about the field.
  3. Come to class ready to talk about your reading and your questions. No one will ever be a discussion leader on their own but as discussion leaders you will guide the discussion. I’ll take notes, share points I think are significant, and participate in discussion.

Further instructions can be found on the discussion leader sign up sheet

What this assignment requires of everyone else:

  1. Do your reading.
  2. Read the discussion posts before class.
  3. Come prepared to engage with your classmates about the text and their questions.
  4. I will be highly conscious of participation and preparation during these discussions.
  5. Think about the golden rule here: do unto discussion leaders, as you would like them to do unto you when it’s your turn to lead.

Sign up to lead discussions

Use this sign up sheet to select two days to lead discussion. The readings for the next two weeks are clear, some of them I’m still selecting, so you will be choosing topics/areas of interest rather than specific readings.




I am a PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition and Purdue University. I currently teach first year composition. My research interests include threshold concepts in composition, invention strategies, service-learning, community engagement, and professional and technical writing.

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