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Creative Engagement: Hello My Name Is…

This week, we’ll continue to play with design by doing a variation on the first challenge in Creative Workshop

You will think about what your interests and your identity as a professional writer might be, then do some hands on design work to try to illustrate that identity.


Challenge: Spend ten minutes answering the following questions. Keep writing. If you get done. Go back, add more to your answers:

  • What are your three main interests regarding professional writing?
  • Why did you choose this class/this major/this minor?
  • What are your strengths as a writer/designer/professional?(even if you don’t feel like a professional anything yet.)
  • What are your weaknesses/fears/challenges?
  • What’s your favorite color?
  • What designers/artists/writers/poets/scientists/creative forces do you love?
  • What design elements do you love/gravitate toward?
  • What kinds of work do you enjoy?
  • What kind of work do you want to do in the future?
  • What kind of professional identity do you want to take with you out of this class?

Next 20 minutes:

Design a logo that is clearly informed by your responses to these questions. Think about what you know about logos. Which ones are most iconic to you? Why are they memorable? What does “good” logo design do?

Edit: Sometime this weekend, write a comment that reflects on this process. What did you learn? What did you struggle with? What would you do differently if you did this exercise again?

Here’s a view of all the logos together:




I am a PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition and Purdue University. I currently teach first year composition. My research interests include threshold concepts in composition, invention strategies, service-learning, community engagement, and professional and technical writing.

4 thoughts on “Creative Engagement: Hello My Name Is…

  1. I like the assignment that we were given today in class. It forced us to take a look at ourselves as well as take what we defined as ourselves and create an image on paper from that description. I’m not entirely sure that the work I submitted was my best work but it far exceeds that of a simple writing assignment because of that creative and introspective element.

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  2. This exercise was very well structured, as finishing the written section is what gave me the idea for my logo. Though I ran out of time, the style of the exercise really helped me understand my interests and goals as a writer. The questions were direct and simple, but encouraged a lot of thinking about the answers. It will be helpful to revisit these questions whenever I feel confused about my direction as a writer. Overall this was a helpful exercise for me, especially early on in the course so that I know what to focus on going forward.


  3. This assignment was really interesting. I think I struggled with what exactly I wanted to do with my logo and in the end wasn’t satisfied with what I gave, mainly because it didn’t reflect me as well as I wanted it to. But the assignment helped me create an idea of who I was and what defined me, even if it didn’t show through my logo idea! Adding the logo part of this assignment made it more interactive and far different from the usual writing assignment.


  4. I really enjoyed the process of trying to devise a logo which represents my own identity as a person/writer. I learned that wen asked to summarize myself, I struggled to nail down what exactly my “identity” is. I was forced to quickly choose something and I ended up with mountains filled with words which are two of my favorite things. My struggle is intermixed with what I learned, but another struggle I faced was with choosing between two logos. Beside my mountainous logo I also made one that included my initials and was surrounded by a wreath. This one was more attractive in my opinion, but also less original as I’ve seen things like it before. I think the only thing that I would do differently that would have helped me was to have more time and to think more outside the box like simply creating a new shape like some people were able to do.


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